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God damn it stamper, you are the exemplar of everything that is the new grounds

Damn those lovely advert coin men in their lovely, lovely suits!

I love your new medium, very creepy, fits your style well. One of your best videos IMO because I can expose people to your creepiness and when they invariably ask "what's going on?", with this one, I can explain something deep and relevant; Whereas normally my response is along the lines of "shhh, you're asking the wrong questions". If I could give a 6/5 I would do so very very infrequently, and I would give it to this, for getting perfect scores in every measurable field and still needing more praise to do it justice

Man this takes me back :)

I absolutely love it, one of my favorite animations of all time, I will always have a personal attachment to this particular piece. I saw it first so long ago and it really touched me, the art style, the music, the theme, I love how this feels

It reminds me of my passion for atmosphere in games. I've been so wrapped up in coding for so long I'd forgotten the feeling of a powerful piece of art, and what made me really fall in love with flash and its community in the first place <3

animatorjones responds:

Thank you, this comment has uplifted me in many ways. I wish you the best in your coding endeavors and greatly appreciate your ability to share support for this community of creators.

This meant so much to me,

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It's a fine game, nothing too new or interesting but not bad. One thing I think could make it a lot more fun is if the movement felt like it had a bit more weight, or swing to it. Right now it feels like you're just slowly drifting, moving at 45 degree angles is hard to tell immediately even, its very soft feeling. Feels a bit mismatched with these big forceful punches you push people around with when you crash into them. Additionally, moving down and left at the same time doesn't work for me, all the other diagonals do though, starting at their orthogonal

PattingDoggos responds:

Thanks for your suggestions :)

Whew, classic flash game. I love how the jump is literally nothing but a picture on the screen. Reminds of the first game I made, where a dragon flew around a castle and you won by burning down the whole castle, but the movement of the dragon and the castle burning down were just animations, you could push the button to breathe fire at the right time or you could not, either way the same thing would happen. Ah actionscript 1, good memories. I have a hard time seriously rating this game a 5, but im gonna do it, because this is quintessential newgrounds crap right here

Classic blamworthy upload, stolen assets from beloved newgrounds culture, doesn't even work, horrible image compression

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All my five, all of them. A Newgrounds classic

Godly. Nostalgic and fantastic in its own right

perfect abience

i really liked this, provides a great ambient sound, i especially liked the first 50 seconds, really adds a lot imo

KKSlider60 responds:

Thank you man ^^
This is a really old one, I'm glad it still leaves an impact.

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